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lost mary blueberry p&b cloud

  • Flavor: Lost Mary Blueberry P&B Cloud vape, formerly Blue Cotton Candy, provides an ultra-sweet blue raspberry cotton candy taste in every puff. This candied blue razz Lost Mary OS5000 vape also adds a menthol ice flavor on exhale to round out the flavor.
  • E-liquid contents: 10ml
  • Nicotine Level: 50mg
  • Coil: Mesh Coil
  • Puffs per Device: +5000
  • Battery: 650mAh, rechargeable via USB-C

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  1. Kj

    Not as strong as I would hope (04 November 2023)
    It feels more like an ice flavour to me.
    But it’s nice,

  2. Mo

    This vape has a really nice flavour, it’s strong enough so that you can taste it unlike some flavours which can be bland

  3. Kaos

    Well rounded, sweet and fruity. Couldn’t ask for more.

  4. hadda

    This flavour is an absolute gem. It has all the makings of a favorite, and it’s earned a spot in my list of top picks.

  5. Ruth

    A really nice sweet smooth vape. Doesn’t punch like others in the blueberry family but still very nice

  6. Vapor Vixen

    Sweet little vape. All day vape. Flavour can go towards the end but not a major ordeal. Good it flashes to tell you it’s finished. Tastes like sweet blueberry. Not menthol.

  7. Amy

    Always have this flavour in my order, fresh blueberry taste and not too sickly or icy

  8. Lee

    Love this one tastes just like the blueberry’s. Nice and easy to vape on. Will order this again.

  9. Salmon

    Love blueberry! Such a good flavour, will never get bored of this one

  10. Tom

    Nice sweet blueberry flavour, compact design don’t really know what else to say

  11. hassim

    A little artificial tasting but still a very enjoyable flavour and quite refreshing tasting

  12. Charley

    Blueberry up there with a new best! Flavour lasts and very fruity.

  13. KirbyTea

    Really great flavour, not too strong and not too weak, just right.

  14. Jean

    I wasn’t to sure about getting this cos I’ve had a blueberry one before and it was horrible but seeing as this was a Lost Mary one I give it a go and I’m so glad I did, it is brill, it’s a lovely taste not to strong and not that vile taste at the back of your throat, I loved it so much I’ve ordered another 3.

  15. jesi

    I wasn’t to sure about getting this cos I’ve had a blueberry one before and it was horrible but seeing as this was a Lost Mary one I give it a go and I’m so glad I did, it is brill, it’s a lovely taste not to strong and not that vile taste at the back of your throat, I loved it so much I’ve ordered another 3.

  16. Sai

    This flavour is my favourite one, because it tastes so smooth and actually tastes like the flavour.

  17. Duck

    This is my first time trying this flavour and I love it. It’s nice and subtle and not too strong like the ones that hit the back of your throat. Smooth pull and great flavour!

  18. Kelz7683

    I love the smoothness of this blueberry as I find it hard to find ones that don’t have ice in it. I do find however the batteries seem to be lacking a bit when it comes to the lost Mary’s. I felt like when they were first released they lasted longer however the flavour doesn’t seem to disappear when it’s getting towards the end which is a plus point for me.

  19. SabF

    One of my top 2 flavours. Always at least one of these in every order. Sweet, strong flavour, lasts until the very last pull. Love.

  20. Charley

    I forgot about this flavour for awhile then on a recent trip abroad found it again. Lovely blueberry flavour that lasts.

  21. BabyBlueKite

    It’s a good flavour, almost like an ice flavour. It’s sweet and refreshing and the flavour lasts for a long time

  22. Lamchop

    Really nice sweet fruity blueberry flavour. One of my favourites from lost Mary. Actually tasted like blueberry and flavour lasted until the end! Will defo be buying again!

  23. Clover

    Really fruity blueberry flavour. Smells and it tastes. Very smooth. One of the best

  24. WasAbi

    Soooo yummy and very blueberry. Really enjoyed this one! A lot

  25. G

    Really nice flavour. One of my favourites I’ve had of lost Mary. Flavour lasted until the end. Would buy again.

  26. Naomi

    This is one of the most spot on flavors I’d expect from the blueberry taste. It’s so good! These vapes normally last me 2/3 days but this lasted me about 12hrs as I couldn’t stop using it

  27. Nay

    This is an amazing flavour, it’s spot on! I got through this in less than a day if I’m honest. They normally last me 2/3 days but this was so nice I couldn’t stop smoking it!

  28. Loz

    One of my personal favourites, flavours not to over powering and lasts strong til the battery dies

  29. Ash

    So sweet and smooth without being sickly. One of my favourite flavours my only negative is that this doesn’t come in a larger vape or a juice/salt to buy.

  30. Mrolo

    Amazing flavour, lasts ages and the delivery was very fast!

  31. Annie

    I’ve tried a few different disposable vapes and this one is one of my favourites. I’ve always smoked menthol roll ups and like the cool hit as you inhale and I find this vape gives me the same

  32. Dom

    My partner brought rhe cotton candy flavour and I thought it was really nice so tried out my favourite flavour. These are very close to the elf bar blueberry ones but this is slightly sweeter and I think more powerful. Very nice disposable. I’m just don’t like the design that much. I tend to cover it up in my palm when I am in public.

  33. Ryan

    This is a great little vape, packed with strong flavour right until the last puff. Battery lasted a couple of days moderate use. Very good vape!

  34. Ben

    Love these lost Mary vapes, this one in particular has a flavour like blue bon Bon’s/blue laces!! Such a good pull and lots of vaper. These devices trump the elf bars massively.

  35. Jaz

    This one is a beautiful classic blueberry flavour and lost Mary’s are always smooth and fun to use. Love the colour too.
    The flavours are so authentic and never artificial tasting. This one has menthol in it too in if you like that hit at the back of your throat. This one is a winner!

  36. L.M

    One of the better blueberry flavours I’ve tried, nice icy feel to it too. Quite sweet and a slight minty taste. Would probably give another go

  37. Sab

    This flavour is so underrated! It is such a nice strong blueberry. Simple but sooo good! My new fave.

  38. Simo

    ’ve been having these for some time. Before using vape club I wasn’t aware of the brand as I always had elf bar. I’m completely converted. I’ll have these over elf bar any day. They last longer in my opinion, they taste better and the taste lasts until the end where as elf bar I think they loose taste towards the end. The blueberry is so nice, not too sweet, leaves a nice after taste (fresh). I always had blueberry elf bar and now I prefer these, so much nicer. 10/10 brand.

  39. Ay

    Really nice taste – will buy again.

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