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LOST MARY Vapes frequently asked questions

Why do I have to verify my age?

As a registered distributor of LOST MARY, we are responsible for ensuring that we only sell to people who are of legal age. As a result, we have a system in place that requires an ID confirmation to certify we are only shipping our products to those who are eligible to buy them. Those who order from outside the US may face a small holding delay as legal documents often change from nation to nation so the algorithm may take a little longer to confirm the legality of your document. Please be rest assured though! If you have used a legitimate document to confirm your age and your order has not yet been processed it will be in our system and you will receive a confirmation soon via email or text.

What should I do if I find my device is faulty?

LOST MARY is one of the most popular vape brands on earth and has become a widely recognized brand and we, as distributors, only sell legitimate goods. Unfortunately, over the course of the year, we encounter a lot of correspondence about customers receiving fake or damaged products from their local shop or distributor.

There’s currently a huge illicit market for fake vape products and LOST MARY is one of the most targeted brands that is copied to dupe consumers. We find this a hugely aggravating issue because it gives consumers a false impression of our products and damages communities in the process. You may have found that after purchasing a fake LOST MARY, it may taste slightly off, when you inhale it may make a crackling sound, or may even produce a smell that’s like burnt plastic. If you suspect you have a phoney device, it’s best to stop using it immediately so you don’t put yourself at risk. A lot of these illicit devices often contain ingredients that can seriously damage your health and are not worth cutting financial corners for. 

Why is my LOST MARY shaped the way it is?

LOST MARY devices are shaped differently from other devices you’ll see out there because we have created them with ease and attraction in mind. They have a minimalist design that fits in your pockets with ease. It stands out and defines our brand.

Can you recharge/refill a LOST MARY?

No. LOST MARY disposables cannot be recharged or refilled. Making an effort to do so is dangerous and should never be attempted.

How do you know when a LOST MARY is finished?

You’ll know when a LOST MARY is finished by comparing a few factors. If you’ve used your device for around 600 puffs it’s likely that the device has either run out of e-liquid, run out of battery, or both. If you find that your device has not lasted nearly as long as it should have, the liquid may have been tilted out of the coil, so we advise that you move the device around a bit to get the coil to absorb any liquid that may have drained from a prolonged storage where it’s been in your bag. If you find that neither of these factors relates to your situation, you may have a fake device.

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