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  • FlavorThe Grape Lost Mary vape has a sweetened Concord purple grape flavor with a hint of ice on exhale.
  • E-liquid contents: 10ml
  • Nicotine Level: 40mg
  • Coil: Mesh Coil
  • Puffs per Device: +5000
  • Battery: 650mAh, rechargeable via USB-C


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1 PIECE, 5 PCS, 10 PCS

36 reviews for GRAPE LOST MARY OS5000

  1. Jeremy M.

    Great quality items always lots of flavor

  2. Olivia T.

    Perfect grape flavor. This is my go to. It has best throat feel. Great for all day.

  3. Rebecca S.

    If you like grape, you will like this one. Would buy again.

  4. Tammy M.

    Great fast shipping! Great to do business with!

  5. Desiree S.

    Durable case. Classic grape flavor. Battery seems to go faster than regular elfbars, but easy to charge.

  6. Schuyler A.

    Lasted me about a week before losing flavor, it had a great artificial grape flavor and it’s my favorite so far.

  7. Harleekwinn

    My boyfriend really likes this flavor. But agrees watermelon was better. I’m not sure if I could handle a whole vape with this flavor as it is very strong sweet grape koolaid/ jolly rancher flavor and they last so long. But if you like grape that much then you might like it a lot.

  8. Shadow

    I just got a 10 pack I invested into it a couple days ago… I love the flavor honestly it’s the best grape flavor in a dispo that I have tried thus far~

  9. Shelly c.

    I consider myself a bit of grape fan, a grape connoisseur if you will… My xanga if you are that old was “grape flavored something” it’s long since dead but I’ve always loved grape and this is the epitome of grape “candy flavor” to f you’re not considering “juicy bar” the vape is much less beautifully built and less esthetic but the Sakura grape …Read More

  10. Alan D.

    This one is by far the best grape flavor I found. It’s sweet candy type, no cough syrup type flavor. I would definitely order this one again. If you like candy grape flavors, this is one for you.

  11. Olivia A.

    Very much like other consumers said it is like Welch’s grape juice

  12. Olivia A.

    Very much like other consumers said it is like Welch’s grape juice

  13. Caren D.

    If you like grape success, bubble gum or anything with that luscious purple flavor you will love this! I just wish I’d ordered more!

  14. carol d.

    i love this grape jelly delight!

  15. Katie C.

    The best hands down grape flavor out of any brand I have ever tried!

  16. julie f.

    One of my favorites

  17. Traci W.

    Pretty as it is the flavor is better ,one of our favorite

  18. Russell M.


  19. Brenda L.

    My fave hands down out of all the brands and flavors I have tried.

  20. Brittany R.

    My go-to every time, love the grape flavor!

  21. Gregory R.

    Fast, easy

  22. diana r.

    Love the grape jelly flavor

  23. Maryann H.

    I think this is my favorite

  24. Kellie R.

    I like the flavor this puts out. Thank you I will definitely order this one again!

  25. Tamera P.

    The grape flavour is good

  26. Barbara W.

    Good flavor

  27. Kelie L.

    Very good

  28. Samantha B.


  29. Novelbud

    Great flavor. After about a day the flavor actually gets better. One of my favorites.

  30. Nickster

    Love the grape flavor

  31. Rose

    Definitely my fav!

  32. Amber B.

    Great flavor and just the right strength but definitely a little tart for me at the end. Still a good choice, you can’t go wrong with this brand!!!

  33. ottokallen

    Really good

  34. Ti m.

    Flavor is awesome and the draw is nice, one of the better grapes out there.

  35. Teresa B.

    Absolutely love this flavor! Definitely one of my favorites

  36. Samantha F.

    Not for me but glad I could try it at a better price than in-store~

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